It’s My Turn Now

Greensboro reverend Odell Cleveland writes book about family’s experience as caregivers for elderly mother

His experience as a long-distance caregiver while juggling a demanding, yet rewarding professional career,

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“It’s my turn now,” that is the feeling that Odell Cleveland frequently experiences as he travels between his home in Greensboro, North Carolina and the place of his family roots- Charleston, South Carolina.


Community Leader and Chief Administrative Officer at 6,000 member, Mount Zion Baptist Church

To his mother, he is her Punkin. And that means the world to Rev. Odell Cleveland.

Cleveland is the second of four children born to Glenda Adams Cleveland. “I was this kid who always got in trouble.” he recalls. “You know you always have one”

And Glenda Cleveland was “a strict yet beautiful mother,” he says. “She was a fighter, And she’s still fighting.”

But their roles have changed through the years. Glenda Cleveland is now 77, and time and a massive stroke at age 25 caught up with her.

So Odell Cleveland finds himself increasingly focused on taking care of the woman who was always there for him.

He’s also made helping caregivers a part of his ministry, and he’s written this book about his family’s experience.

Writing the book was therapeutic for him, he says, and he knows that a lot of people are going through the same thing.

An increasing number of adult children are taking care of their aging parents, says Mikayla Tate, caregiver support coordinator for Senior Resources of Guilford.

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