How to get your Speeches in TV & Film

Lets take a look at the music industry where artist are releasing new music all the time. Imagine getting paid to speech as well as from Performance Rights Royalties. You walk out on to the stage with your own personal Theme Music and earn additional profits because of it. Performance rights income is generated fromContinue reading “How to get your Speeches in TV & Film”

Speaking Bureaus – The value of partnerships

If you can tell your story in a compelling way, speaker representation is probably on the way if you don’t have it already. Speaking bureaus partner up with top tier speakers that are already getting consistent bookings. Some bureaus require that you show proof of over 1 million in earnings over a year with your profitContinue reading “Speaking Bureaus – The value of partnerships”

License your Motivation

The days are gone where you struggle to monetize your motivation. Your message can be digitized so you can earn revenue the same way that a musician would; without singing one word. Speaking albums are buzzing because they put you in pristine position to make profits from the worldwide digital distribution of your message. BelowContinue reading “License your Motivation”

Motivational Music – Spotify streams

This has been a great year for Motivational speech music. Motivational speaker Eric Thomas really opened the door on what is possible a few years back when he peaked at #46 on the billboard top 100 songs. This year Motivational content on Spotify alone has received over 300,000 monthly listeners. With my service I haveContinue reading “Motivational Music – Spotify streams”